ShofarPortfolio™ ● Red Level Security

ShofarPortfolio™ works by using the same Internet standards to communicate with others using those services.  However, some additional steps are taken to thwart monitoring while maintaining complete compatibility.

Step 1 When an email is received by the Receive (Rx) server using Internet standards, it is accepted by the server just as other servers would do.
Step 2 Unlike standard Receive servers, links to external images are resolved immediately.  Therefore email beacons or images that are part of the content are requested from their web servers.
Step 3 The images returned from the web servers become an integral part of the email and the external links are logged and removed.
Step 4 The email is delivered as normal to the client.  The email will be larger than originally if images are now included.  However, the client will not have to fetch these images separately.  With less overhead, this is a net gain in efficiency for the client and eliminates the wait time that might otherwise be required by the viewer.
Step 5 When the recipient connects to their email server, the Receive (Rx) server in our example, it will find the email present and download it.

Email beacons still report back to their masters; however they are reporting erroneous information.  They will give the IP address of the ShofarPortfolio™ server and not the client.  The time is not when the client read the email, but when the email was received by the server which is probably moments after it was sent.  There is no information about the client’s software being revealed.

Bulk email services frequently used linked images to reduce the bandwidth required when sending large numbers of emails since opening of those emails will probably be spread out over time.  This is no longer the case as when the email is received at the server, the images are downloaded immediately.

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