How Corporations Monitor Users

Corporations relay on both internal and external communications.  As Integrated Communications Systems become more widely used, the corporation benefits from greater flexibility while gaining remarkable tools to keep an eye on what every employee is doing.  With voice, video, email, text, and data are all run through the same mechanism, the monitoring process is simplified.

Step 1 Voice communications.
Step 2 Email and data communications.
Step 3 Internet communications, which includes voice, video, and data.
Step 4 Monitoring and control is centralized.

A corporation may be rightly concerned that employees are viewing websites that are not to their overall benefit.  This includes social, gaming, adult, music, video, or illegal websites.  There routing tools may prohibit access to these websites.

Logging can be kept of all communications, including who it was from, whom it was to, when it occurred, for how long, etc.  Complete copies of emails, chat sessions, text messages and the like can be kept.  Voice to text conversion is possible for phone calls to allow recording of the text of all calls.

These logs or copies can be used for forensic purposes to validate that a person did or did not do something.

Keyword or more advanced searches can be used on the accumulated text to find conversations that may be of interest to the corporation or individuals within the corporation.

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