Services Monitoring

Providing online services can be a significant way to collecting data.  Often the data, when used as part of the aggregate, has enough value that the service can be offered for free to users.

Blogging Blogging services typically have small storage and bandwidth needs and therefore cost little to operate.  However the content of blogs can give a depth of knowledge about the content provider, as well as the viewers, which makes the service a valuable collection tool.
Photo Photo sharing services have a larger storage requirement than blogs, but this remains minor compared to the aggregate gain.  Comments associated with the photos offer some value.  Who looks at the photos helps relate users.

Software technology that can examine photos for content is improving at a rapid rate and my allow the photo sharing service to extract much information from the images themselves.

Video Video sharing services have large storage and bandwidth requirements.  This has kept smaller entities from providing this service for little or no cost while larger players can afford to lose money for years to gain market share.
Mapping Mapping services provide the content provider with pinpoint accuracy to locations and times that people are interested.

In all cases where services are provided, the provider can vary their service for particular situations.  Users, subject matters, regions, or other groups can be given alternate services or denied services.  Content that may appear not to be beneficial to the service provider can be manipulated, blocked, or redirected.  This is at the discretion of the service provider or those who influence them.

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