ShofarPortfolio™ ● Distributed Storage

ShofarPortfolio’s distributed storage model allows cloud based storage with not only no single point of failure, but also no single point of compromise.  A client’s data is only in its complete form on the client’s machine.  When that data is synchronized in the cloud it is broken apart and only two bits of each byte exists on any given server in the cloud.

Each part of the data in the cloud is encrypted with a different key known only to the client.

Redundancy is used in the cloud to allow for one or more parts to be unavailable and full data recovery still occur.

For backup and archiving of data, storage locations do not require data center level of performance.  Part of the data can be on a farm in Iowa, part in a studio apartment in Kuala Lumpur, and part in an office complex in Sydney.

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ShofarPortfolio™ ● Distributed Storage

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