ShfoarNexus™ SyncPackets

Communications between a ShofarNexus™ based client and server or between ShofarNexus™ based servers is done with SyncPackets when in a secure mode.  SyncPackets are small encrypted fixed length data packets that flow between computers at a steady rate.

By keeping traffic continuous traffic analysis reveals no information.  Priority data is transferred first, followed by secondary data, such as file synchronization.  If there is nothing to send random bits are sent.

The minimum data rate is 4,000 SyncPackets per hour, or just over one per second.  This is slow enough that it occupies only part of the bandwidth of a dial-up connection.  Where more traffic is desired, or between servers, a higher data rate it used.

Data always flows from a client to a given server (1); even with that server is not the target of a particular request.

When data is requested from other servers, it can take a direct route (2) or indirect (3, 4) through other servers.

Since the data is at a steady rate outside monitoring does not reveal who is talking with whom or when.

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