ShofarNexus uses a consistent naming convention between all aspects of the technology.  The naming convention is a tree structure and this is the root of that tree, or we can say it is the nexus.  These pages contain the definitive standard for ShofarNexus.  All ShofarVerbs, elements and attributes of ShofarFiles, and ShofarMarkup is defined here.

Caution:  When a verb, element, or markup is found that is not defined in this library it should be considered in development and not guaranteed to remain.

Naming Conventions

Names are chosen to visibly show the items position in the hierarchy.  Separating character vary depending on context.

ShofarVerbs use an underscore (“_”) as a separator which allows it to be an identical match to the internal software’s names.

A particular ShofarFile is selected by a single segment in a URL.  When the URL’s path contains multiple forward slash (“/”) separated segments, each segment points to a different ShofarFile.  Commas (“,”) are used as one of several ways to provide hierarchy.  This allows the complete hierarchy to be included in a file name when saved in a file system.

ShofarMarkup Keys are typically period (“.”) separated to help distinguish a Key from a Verb.

Objects that are part of the tree will typically have Parent, Sibling, and Child relationships. These terms are used when the relationship is of the same Object kind (see Genesis 1).  When the parent is of a different kind, the name is typically of that kind.  Objects with an “Item” name will typically have a parent of a “List”.  For example a Markup_Item’s parent is a Markup_List, while a Markup_Element may have a Markup_Element_Parent, Markup_Element_Sibling, and Markup_Element_Child of another Markup_Element while in all cases the Markup_Element_Item is the parent Markup_Item for all the related Markup_Elements.

Naming Convention Example

The Ticket is the part of a ShofarFile that contains common information.  In particular if the file’s Title is in the Ticket.

In the ShofarFile the Title is located in the Ticket Element.

Verbs related to the Title will start with “Ticket_Title”.  For example the markup to show the title is “Show="Ticket_Title"”.

The documentation page is located at “/_Help,Ticket,Title”.

ShofarMarkup Markup elements will have a key like “Ticket.Dump”.

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