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While ShofarMarkup allows for complete flexibility in page layouts, there are standard layouts that most pages are built upon.  The Standard layout is the norm for most pages and a Wide version where large tables, image lists, etc. are required.

The standard layouts are designed for most any display resolutions.

The optional Toolbar, Widget, or Dump sections are typically used for management, editing, and diagnostic functions.  A minimum of a Full HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels) is assumed.

The page layouts can be overridden on a page, service or site basis.

The Topic area is intended as a printable area while the other areas are not.  Typically when a page is printed, the Menu, Flyer, Widget, Toolbar, and Dump areas will not appear on the document.  The width of the Topic area is normally 6.5 inches to allow what appears on screen to be identical to what appears on Letter, Legal, or A4 size paper.

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