ShofarPortfolio™ Matryoshka Communications

Matryoshka dolls date back to 1890 ( and have remained a fascinating concept for generations.  What we see in the photos is a simply array of dolls, typically wooden.  Note carefully that each doll, but the smallest, will split open allowing the next size down to fit inside.  The largest doll is then the container for all the smaller ones and can be transported as a single unit.  You now have the concept behind what we have code named ShofarPortfolio™ Matryoshka Communications.

Design Goals

Communications between two parties must be reliable, secure and leave no trace.

1.       Reliable in that when a message is sent, the sender can have a high degree of confidence that the recipient will indeed receive the message unaltered and in its entirety.

2.       Secure in that no party can via digital communications means can intercept or even know of the presence of the message.  Encryption alone does not address the traffic analysis issue which allows monitoring when messages are sent, from and to which computers, which often is as important as what is in the message.  This addresses the communications process only.  This does not address other monitoring techniques such as taking a photograph of the sender’s computer screen.

3.       No trace means that there is no evidence on the communications lines that a message is being communicated.  Traffic analysis will yield nothing about any communications.

Yeltsin, Gorbachev, Brezhnev, Khrushchev, Stalin, Lenin, Nicholas II, Catherine the Great, Peter the Great and Ivan (The Terrible)

Encryption Techniques

There are multiple levels of encryption and differing encryption techniques.  The choice of method can be made for each instance and can be RSA, elliptic curve, or a custom encryption.   The key size may vary and the key will be different for each circumstance.

For example the SyncPacket link between Matryoshka 3 and Matryoshka 4 in the diagram may be using RSA, while the link between Matryoshka 3 and Matryoshka 5 may be using elliptic curve.  When a cryptogram is generated, it will have to use the method and public key provided by the given nodes it is using.

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