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Second only to the cellphone, the internet is a remarkable tool that is used by many parties to monitor and influence you in some of the minutest details in your life. Tools exist to allow computers to examine the subtle details of your life and find areas of interest. What seems like a token detail is just another bit of information that when gathered with the massive amount of data on you, your family, your community and the world, can be used to influence and control your life.

You are being monitored

Typical email makes a perilous journey from the sender to the recipient.  The vast majority of all email passes though servers and network equipment designed to monitor the contents of each email.  This monitoring is being done by government agencies, corporations, criminals, religious organizations, and others.

Even when you feel safe because you have a secure (https) connection and a green address bar in your browser, you are only safe from some types of monitoring between you and the server.  You may still be handing your email to a server that is reading it in its entirety.

Our services are based on .ShofarPortfolio  ShofarPortfolio relies on numerous family-owned businesses to provide service to clients.  There is no “weakest link” to corrupt or bring the systems down.  You are invited to examine what happens to email, what services are offered, and how you can become a ShofarPortfolio user.

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GCHQ ● The Doughnut
“The Doughnut” is the nickname given to the headquarters of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), a British cryptography and intelligence agency.