About ShofarPortfolio™

The heart of the ShofarPortfolio project is to allow people and organizations to communicate freely and reliably without any third party being able to know that the communications takes place and to store and share data on the web with distributed resilient independently operated servers.


The fact that a given computer is connected to the web is easily determined.  However, by using our SyncPacket technology there is no indication when there is a person at the machine, who he is, or who he is communicating with.

Distributed storage

We seek to build a massive array of independent providers offering paid storage and connectivity.  The provider has only part of the user’s data which is also encrypted and therefore cannot recover any value from it.  The user has his data broken into parts with redundancy distributed over the globe to ensure that the data is available when desired and the confidence that the data is secure.

Business model

We are striving for the family business model where an individual or family can operate one or more services autonomously and receive remuneration for their work.  After all the “laborer deserves his wages” (Luke 10:7).  We seek to avoid becoming or fostering large organizations as service providers.

Services can be based on providing hardware, connection, domains, communications, storage, etc.  We seek to allow the novice a share in the model.  All providers are autonomous and we avoid any multi-level marketing schemes.

While we applaud efforts of others to build free systems, they can grow only so far.  Giving reason, in particular a financial reward motivates people to have a part-time or fulltime enterprise providing continual and stable services to others.

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