ShofarPortfolio ● We don’t know Your Stuff
We don’t know Your Stuff

Unlike virtually all online services we have no idea what information you are storing on our servers. We use multiple levels of encryption to protect your data from prying eyes, including our own.

We employ technology to circumvent traffic analysis, IP monitoring, or other techniques that invade your privacy. We have NO idea what you are doing. Isn’t that the way you want it?

Numerous parties including hackers, advertisers, corporations, governments, and criminals, monitor email. Whether it is benign or malicious, you don’t need to submit.

One thing that we don’t offer is password recovery. Anyone who offers that service can see your data. We do not know your password and do not have the ability to recover it. This means that we have no way to pry into your data. It also means that if you lose your password, no one can recover your data. You, and you alone, can back up your data on a local machine that your trust its physical security.

ShofarPortfolio™ ● We don’t know Your Stuff
ShofarPortfolio ● We don’t know Your Stuff

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